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Social Cause Diet

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Thanks to the contributors of The Social Cause Diet!

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Bagno, Jody

Batliwalla, Shyla

Bermas, Michelle

Blakely, Brenda K.

Blomquist, Sean

Brophy, Jessica

Brown, Patricia

Calkins, Matthew

Costello, Patricia

Ernest, Beth

Escorico, Carolyn

Fishel, Elizabeth

Fisher, Cody

Garcia, Gina

Gingerich, Michael

Henrich, Karen

Gonyea, Christine

Goonetilleke, Maithri

Groves, Shaun

Hairston, Avery

Huckabee, Janet

Kay, Sandra

Lowe, Shannon

Malcomb, Chris

Marquez, Colleen

Maxwell, Nikki

McLaughlin, Triston

Justin McRoberts

Mehta, Nipun

Munger, Kate

Nichols, Eric P.

Nilson, Larry

Ota, Lisa

Page, Laura

Pauley, Kellie

Reinhardt Reiss, Joan

Sbrana, Michele

Serota, Dagmar

Schaefer, Elizabeth Maynard

Simons, Bette

Steinberg, Jes

Stookey Sunde, Elizabeh

Turner, Lynn

Whitman, Michael



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